London Through the Lense of Other Cameras

August 8, 2010

Dia dhuit (hello) my blog readers!

I wanted to take a quick look back on our trip to London, England with a few EPIC pictures that a couple of my fellow travel tour members and newfound friends have submitted. I’ll let the pictures and cutlines speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Priya Jaishanker’s photos

A quintessential London image: the red telephone booth. Photo by Priya Jaishanker.

Statue surrounding the Victoria Memorial outside of Buckingham Palace. Photo by Priya Jaishanker.

A hunger strike takes place outside of the British Parliament House. Protesters who decry military involvement in Iraq and Afganistan. Photo by Priya Jaishanker.

Royal Guard. Photo by Priya Jaishanker.

A man plays the Scottish bagpipes as crowds hurry past the London Eye towards Big Ben. Photo by Priya Jaishanker.

Mark Luttmann’s Photos

Mark Luttman at the West Brompton underground stop on July 29th. " The pic with me with the train behind me I feel exemplifies my time there. I experienced a lot of aspects of a culture in a few days." Photo by Dr. Robin Wilber.

The London skyline atop St. Paul's Cathedral. photo by Mark Luttman.


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