A Girl’s Night Out at Dolans Pub

August 5, 2010

What is Carol contemplating?

After our session with Batt O’ Connor and Mickey Dunne, Dunne invited us out to Dolans Pub to listen to him, his daughter and some friends play traditional Irish music on their fiddles. All 11 of we girls bussed down Limerick’s City Centre to the quaint little pub on Doct Street.

As you start to enter, you notice the Celtic knot designs and nymph-like woman painted on the picture window. Inside, the walls are wood-paneled, painted a deep red or made of stone. Red Christmas lights line the window facing out into the street and decorate the ceiling beams in certain rooms of the pub. Vintage pictures and advertisements decorate the walls alongside old newspaper clippings about the pub. Low wooden tables with leather benches and short, upholstered bar stools provide seating for pub patrons and a corner of the front room is set up for musicians to perform, with a wood sign towering over them that reads “Reserved for Musicians.”

Musician's Corner- The Dunne Family playing traditional Irish music on their fiddles.

Tonight, the musicians are The Dunne Family. The father and daughter team play the fiddle beautifully. It’s so inspiring that when the music starts to drift across the pub to our table, I’m suddenly inspired to pick up my old violin again and work through my lack of natural musical talent. Towards the end of the performance, Laura is once again recruited to sing “Wild Rover” by Dunne.

Here she is again, delighting the music-making family and the pub patrons. Don’t mind the poor lighting conditions. It is a pub at night, after all.

The whole room joined in on the chorus, uniting everyone- if only for a few, short moments- as if we had all been great friends our entire lives. This is what life is all about.

Girls' night out at Dolans Pub on Dock Street- Limerick, Ireland.


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