Off to Ireland

July 30, 2010

As I write this, I can feel the floor and dipping and rolling with the movement of the waves. The ferry that is taking us to Dublin is more like a cruise ship than anything, with several floors, restaurants, a game room and bar. The sea is fairly calm but it’s blustery and cold out on the deck. Some of the student sin the group are sitting on the middle level fending off sea sickness but most of us seem to be adjusting just fine. All of us are excited for Ireland.

After a hectic morning at the hotel when the wakeup calls failed to come through, we finally made it on the bus to the train station. From there, we headed to Wales to catch our ferry to Ireland. Both the train ride and ferry ride are three hours long but I spent the first part of the journey conversing with an Irish man from Galway, who sat next to me on the train. Chris is actually about my age and plays guitar at gigs around the country and is employed as a carpenter. We talked a lot about differences between American culture and Irish culture, politics, religion, Harry Potter- you name it, we probably covered it. As a result, the trip was quick and painless.

I just looked  up and can see land! Ireland, here we come!


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