Greetings from London, England

July 27, 2010

Hello, all! It’s almost midnight here in London right now, going on 7 p.m. Tampa time. I don’t have much time to write this as the Internet fees for the hotel we are staying at are a little pricey. My posts will get better as we move on to Ireland and have better access to Wi-fi.

Long story short, today was mostly about traveling to London and doing a bit of sight-seeing to familiarize ourselves with the area. We took a flight from Tampa to Chicago, then from Chicago to London. The second oen was an overnighter and we were served two meals. I took advantage of the nifty TV screens attached to the back of each headrest and played Tetris and watched a couple movies.

Today we spent the day sight-seeing on  a double decker bus and a boat tour. London is such a fascinating place and so vastly different from the States. I have so much to share with you guys! But unfortunately, this entry will have to be short and sweet as I’m about to lose power to my laptop. One of the frustrations of study abroad is getting all the electrical appliances figured out and my adapter is not reading my power supply.

Details and pictures tomorrow!


One Response to “Greetings from London, England”

  1. Dad and deb said

    Day Keep Trying The Adapter it might work elsewhere! Glad You are there safe and have a Great time, love u

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